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This Corporation exists to provide a platform to further God’s Kingdom.  All endeavors and actions of this company shall be to the glory of God who formed this corporation and who blesses it daily with the business and employees needed for its operation.


All products and services must improve, enhance, and meet a genuine need of the final customer.  All products will be developed, assembled, and tested to quality standards in the following areas:  application assistance, installation instructions, ease of installation, reliability, listing approvals and troubleshooting guidelines.  All interaction with our customers must reflect a Christian example, such as timely follow through on commitments, deliveries, warranties, and on literature and documentation requests.


We must be recognized within the community as a caring, involved and fair employer.  As we strive to be Christ-like, we must keep the needs of the community in mind as we choose our charitable giving and our hands-on work within the community.  The relationships we develop within the community will be a direct reflection on Electro Industries itself and on the God we profess.


Our employees should have the opportunity for input and feel that their work has an important role to the success of the Corporation.  Wages must be fair, management just, and working conditions clean and safe.  Our business survival and growth depends upon the development of capable employees who can grow in their skills and assume greater responsibility within Electro Industries.


Business must make a reasonable profit.  Reserves must be created, research must be carried on, programs must be developed, and mistakes made and paid for.  Bad times must be provided for, taxes paid, new machines purchased, buildings built, and new products launched.

Whereas the above reflects the beliefs of the owners of Electro Industries, these beliefs do not and will not affect our employment practices.  We will not because of creed or religion refuse to hire, discharge an employee, or discriminate against an employee with respect to employee policies.


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