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Demand MonitorWith the ever growing need for business owners to be aware of their electric energy consumption, our ETDA (Demand Alert Monitor) allows you to continuously monitor the demand loads of your facility. By closely monitoring your demand levels, you greatly reduce the chances of incurring costly Critical Peak charges from the power company.

Our Demand Control offers the commercial electric user an instant method of monitoring and controlling their critical peak usage.

Functions include:

  • Min/Max
  • Average/Instantaneous
  • Action relay contact at demand levels


Lower monthly demand bill

  • 3-6 month payback

Control high peaks

  • 3 scales from 99 kW to 9999 kW

Displays peak demand for contract reduction programs

  • Average/instantaneous readouts

  • Front panel slide switch to change display mode

Large real time display

  • Bright 1.2 inch display

  • Display level action
    • Flashing display in alarm mode
    • Alarm contact

Simple installation

  • Receives utility meter KYZ pulses

  • Alarm level setting via included software

Interlock with load control or peak alert notification devices

Includes software for programming and remote monitoring

Four programmable relay contacts

Computer connection via RS232 (9-pin) or USB

Wall plug power supply

Front panel enable/disable slide switch to disable alarms


Demand Control Monitor/Windows®

Our Windows® based software ties directly into our Demand Alert Monitor. With this program, the demand levels can be monitored on the PC screen while doing your normal day-to-day work activity. Demand warning and alarm levels are set at the PC level. This provides monitor and follow-up action at all levels of your operation to curb peak demand. The instantaneous demand readout can also be spread across the computer network environment in order to make sure those who need to know have the information in front of them. A typical installation should be able to return your investment in 3 to 6 months.


ET-DA4N Includes 4 relay contacts, individually programmed levels
ET-DA-9192 Audible chime alarm


TL102 Demand Monitor & Software

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