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10 - 20 kW
2.2 Gallon Vessel

Midsize MA, MO SeriesMidsize Series Boiler (EB-MX-**)

Our most deluxe model is designed for multiple temperature and zoning applications. This model has the ability to sense water temperature and maintain an accurate boiler temperature output by only energizing the electric elements for needed output (not full capacity). To learn more about this concept read WarmFlo. This model eliminates extra costs associated with relays, extra temperature controls, zone boxes, etc. Our more experienced installers use this boiler to avoid the extra cost of the above.

Our front panel temperature  knob allows you to simply dial in your desired output temperature and the TS will automatically adjust to meet your water temperature needs.  Available in 10-20 kW, single phase 240V.


Other Benefits

  • Built-in temperature/pressure gauge
  • High Mass/Low Mass element modulation
  • Boiler status panel
  • ASME/CSA US/Canada certification
  • Complete front panel accessibility
  • Dual Boiler option
  • Load Management connection
  • Super quiet operation
  • 20-year element/vessel warranty

Available Models:

240V single phase, with temperature setting dial and outdoor reset option

Model# kW Btu/h Amps Breakers
EB-MX-10 10 34,000 42 60
EB-MX-15 15 51,000 63 60,30
EB-MX-20 20 68,000 83 60,60

Available Literature/
Specification Sheets

BL002 Radiant Applications
BL006   Electro-Boiler Literature
BL509 TS Series Midsize Specification Sheet

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