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3, 4, 5-Ton

When used and controlled properly, NorAire heat pumps can save hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs per year. NorAire air to water heat pump is designed to provide maximum efficiency, comfort, and reliability. Solid and simple electric controls allow for low maintenance and built in safety protection.

Features include:

  • Air to water heat pump system with complete hydronic HVAC capability
  • Concept - split HP/AC system with standard line sets
  • Self-contained outdoor evaporator/condenser (ODU)
  • Indoor cabinet (IDU) with heat/cool exchanger, hydronic pump, standard Electro-Boiler, defrost energy boost technique, chilled water out, integrated control system
  • When needed the heat pump’s heating water is boosted with the integrated Electro-Boiler
  • Operates down to 0° F
  • Integrated 10, 15 or 20 kW auxiliary electric boiler
  • Automatic or manual switchover
  • Load Control/Dual Heat options

Standard equipment:

  • Copeland scroll compressor
  • R-410A
  • 2-row ODU coil
  • Quiet ODU fan
  • Coax coil exchanger
  • Unique defrost system (average 3 minutes)

Typical radiant applications include:

  • Hydronics
  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Air Conditioning
  • Forced Air
  • Swimming Pool

Models Available

3-ton system
34,000 Btu/h
10 kW AUX boiler


4-ton system
48,000 Btu/h

10 kW AUX boiler


4-ton system
48,000 Btu/h

15 kW AUX boiler


5-ton system
57,000 Btu/h

15 kW AUX boiler

5-ton system
57,000 Btu/h
20 kW AUX boiler

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