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This is our 19th year as one of the Upper Midwest Operation Christmas Child Collection Centers. Samaritan's Purse's Operation Christmas Child delivers gift-filled shoe boxes to poor and suffering children around the world. Each year we collect thousands of shoe boxes, brought to us by local churches, youth groups, schools, our surrounding communities, and our own employees. We look forward to continuing this tradition for many years to come.

Kids runningFrom Kondwani: “Everything I got was of great value. My mum has just given birth to a baby boy. In the box there was a beautiful blanket, three pairs of baby clothes, sweets for all of us, soap, toothpaste - just to mention a few items. All these things my daddy could not afford to buy. Please send our sincere gratitude to the people who sent us these gifts. Everybody is happy. These are gifts from God.”
OCC photoIn Casanare, Colombia, a little boy arrived to a shoe box distribution after 2 days of walking.  The little boy was hobbling because he had problems with his legs.   He and his mom told the distribution leader that they had been praying that God would provide special shoes for him. When he got his shoe box, it wasn’t the prettiest box.  When the little boy opened his box, they had orthopedic shoes inside IN HIS SIZE!  These boxes are divine and are sent by the Holy Spirit to answer prayer!

Boxes collected last year:

Electro: 3,460
Central Minnesota (6-county area): 11,927
Upper Midwest (6-state area): 511,894
Domestic (USA): 8.95 Million
International: 10.5 Million

2020 God-sized Goals: 3,400 Electro and 13,626 Central Minnesota

Shoeboxes collected by Operation Christmas Child travel to over 150 countries worldwide. To track your shoebox to its final destination, print a barcode label from:


National Collection Week is November 16-23, 2020

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