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If you're looking to build your new home or remodel the one you already have, you may believe that you’ve thought of everything, from the color of your walls to the kitchen countertops.  You might be overlooking the attribute that will provide you and your family the most comfort: your heating system.

Think about your current heating system.

  • Are slippers necessary for kitchens and bathrooms?
  • Do heating vents dictate where you place your furniture?
  • Do you consider the basement a cold and uncomfortable place to be?










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If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need hydronic radiant heat to provide you with superior comfort.  Electro Industries manufactures the soul (energy source) of your hydronic heating system, which is a unique, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to forced air heating.  It is also widely regarded as the most comfortable heating system.

By running warm water through plastic pipes in your floor you create radiant heat transfer.  The same way the sun does on a cool day.  This heats your body and objects in the room, not just the air around you, which provides a comfortable, even heat.  Dust, air contaminants, bacteria, and low humidity levels - all problems associated with forced air heating are nonexistent in a home with a radiant heating system.

When properly designed and installed, cost savings can be seen from 20% to 40 % over conventional forced-air heating.  Radiant floor heating will eliminate cold, drafty rooms.  It will also get to the hard to reach areas.  Radiant systems provide comfort that is unsurpassed.

All radiant systems are not the same. Electro Industries understands the design and installation of a quality radiant application.  We bring that knowledge to every manufactured product.

Please consider Electro Industries' NorAire Air to Water Heat Pump System or Electric Boiler as an investment in comfort for any project you have in mind.

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