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In order to help you promote our quality products, we have created this page to give you access to the literature available in each product line. The files below are downloadable PDF's and they can be read using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader (available at

General Literature

XX016   Things Are Changing
BC007   Energy Cost Comparison Chart
EC009   Heating Control Helps
0183   Secure-A-Screw
XX010   Technical Updates
XX014   Electro-Mate Conversions
XX015   Electro House

Mini-BoilerElectro Mini-Boiler Series

Literature - BL308, BL006, BL003, BL002

Specification Sheet - BL007, BL306

Midsize SeriesElectro-Boiler Midsize Series

Literature - BL006, BL003, BL002

Specification Sheets - BL007, BL509

DSCN4770-flat-sm-hq.jpg (23078 bytes)

Electro-Boiler TS Series

Literature - BL006, BL003, BL002

Specification Sheets - BL007, BL506

Electro-Boiler Commercial Series

Literature - BL006, BL003, BL002

Specification Sheet - BL007, BL508

Industrial Boiler photoElectro-Boiler Industrial Series

Literature - BL801

Specification Sheet - BL803

Electro-Boiler Accessories

Literature - BL001, BL002, BL051


NorAire photoNorAire Air to Water Heat Pump System

Literature - NL202

Specification Sheet - NL203

Electro-Mate photoElectro-Mate Plenum Heater

Literature - EL002


HeatChoice Plenum Heater

Literature - EL201, EL002


WarmFlo Select photoWarmFlo Select Plenum Heater

Literature - EL703, EL002


020117-01-flat-sm-hq.jpg (37198 bytes)Electro-Duct

Literature - EL504

Specification Sheet - EL503

Make-Up Air/Heat Exchanger/Boost Heaters

Literature - HL308, EL003, EL911

Specification Sheet -EL904, EL906, EL907, EL908, EL910, EL921, EL922, EL923, HL313

WF-DFHP1 photoHeat Pump Controls

Literature - HL101


990223-01-sm-hq.jpg (94156 bytes)Service Interrupt

Literature - AL701


010115-40-sm-hq.jpg (83428 bytes)Socket Extenders

Literature - 0186A


Peak Interrupter

Literature - PL301


Demand Control photoDemand Control

Literature - PL501

Demand Monitor photoDemand Monitor/Alert

Literature - TL102




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