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Electro-StatElectro-Stat™ Thermostats

How important is an even heat in your home? Over the past 20+ years Electro Industries has had experience working with radiant heat. We have found that in order to achieve a balanced heat using radiant, a slab thermostat is critical. Electric boiler systems require a large mass with very slow response in order to allow electric utility control interruption for off-peak rates.

Slab Stat Features


  • Accurate temperature control
  • Small, flexible sensor
  • Sensor field extendable up to 25-feet
  • Green/red light, on or off
  • Programmable temperature offset
  • 24-volt system, requires 3 wires
  • Direct connection to Electro-Boiler or Electro Zone Controllers
  • Wide temperature range, 40° F to 92° F

Slab Stat Concept

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