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Electrical Design
Custom Electric Heaters

Our 25+ years of manufacturing and design of electrical products have given us great experience and knowledge in designing your electric products. Our special niche is bringing you a working, high quality, prototype design much quicker and at a lower cost than most of our large competitors. Our in-house programmer and design allows complete flexibility of changes and speeds the overall process. All printed circuits are designed in-house and assembled in-house allowing shorter lead times and flexibility to change designs easily.

Our capabilities are listed below and if you would like examples of projects we have completed send request to Loren Larson.

Hardware Design and Documentation, Firmware Programming

Experience and Capabilities

  • Intel 8051
  • Microchip PIC 5X, 6X, 7X & 508/509
  • Clock/Calendar (3 types)
  • A-D serial
  • LCD and LED display
  • EEPROM, standard serial and I2C
  • Digital temperature sensors

Power triac switching

  • Phase shift or zero crossing


  • RS232, DTMF, various modems including CH1786 chip

PLC Wireless

  • Low cost, very reliable custom
  • CEBus® system developer

PC support and drivers, DOS and Windows

Prototype and pre-production board fabrication

  • Large stock of supporting components, can make initial unit fabrication easier

Product design support

  • 8051 firmware programming
  • Printed circuit board layout (PADS)
  • AutoCad - 2D CAD
  • Solidworks - 3D CAD modelling, assembly and drafting
  • Build prototypes
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