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Having trouble designing an HVAC system requiring geothermal heat pump, buffer tank, and hydronic heating?

Simplifying complicated HVAC system interfacing has been one of Electro Industries main focuses for over 30 years. The Electro Industries' Buffer Tank Controller is perhaps the best example of our years of experience. The concept behind this controller is to easily and correctly interface and control any application you can think of when it comes to water to water geothermal heat pumps and buffer tanks.

Below are some examples:

  • Geothermal/buffer tank with 8 hydronic in-floor heating zones and water to air forced air coil above an air handler
  • Geothermal, fossil fuel furnace/buffer tank with 8 hydronic in-floor heating zones and air to water coil above the fossil fuel furnace
  • Geothermal, auxiliary boiler/buffer tank with 8 hydronic in-floor heating zones and water to air forced air coil above an air handler

These are just a few of the possible applications manageable by the Electro Industries' Buffer Tank Controller.


  • All prewired for 120V source, including pumps
  • Capable of interfacing 8 hydronic zones
  • Capable of interfacing multiple forced air zones
  • 4 modes of operation (based on application)
  • Includes buffer tank sensor (digital)
  • Includes outdoor sensor (digital)
  • Outdoor reset greatly improves overall system efficiency
  • Ample safety limits with redundant controls

For 24V systems (zone valves) order the HP-BTC-24.

Available Literature

NL009 Buffer Tank Controller

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