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Are you considering a heat pump for your home?  Do you own a heat pump and are not totally satisfied with the results you are getting?  Electro offers a complete line of Warmflo equipment that can improve your new or existing heat pump system and provide the comfort and efficiency you expect.  Through the use of modern microprocessor technology it is easy to maximize and customize your system to your needs not generically to everyone.

WarmFlo Features

  • Add heating comfort

  • Longer Heat Pump run time shows increase in overall system efficiency

  • Warm Air at duct registers

  • Compatible with most heat pumps and configurations

  • Only energizes electric heat if needed-no overkill

  • 100 Percent efficient


  • Air Source Heat Pump-no backup

  • Air Source Heat Pump-gas/oil backup

  • Ground Source Heat Pump

What is WarmFlo as it relates to heat pumps?


What does WarmFlo look like?

Plenum Heater


What are the different configurations available and Btu/h ratings?




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