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PhotoSimplicity counts, especially when installing an air source heat pump. Installing an air source heat pump often times is confusing and complex. Our heat pump control greatly simplifies installation by using intelligent controls in an easy to use package. These interfaces have been designed to be used in systems being setup with a furnace and an air source heat pump without a plenum heater. Electro has two units to choose from, the WF-DFHP1 which is used with single stage heat pumps and the WF-DFHP2 which is used for two stage heat pumps. Both interfaces utilize a conventional 4-wire thermostat.

Single Stage, WF-DFHP1

  • Simple and easy to use
  • 4-wire thermostat compatible
  • Built-in load control that improves blower staging cooling cycles over other load control options
  • Self-contained outdoor thermostat balance point switchover
  • Front panel override switch
  • Safety backup timers
  • Ability to transfer over to gas furnace during defrost

Two Stage, WF-DFHP2

In addition to the features included in the WF-DFHP1 the WF-DFHP2 includes:

  • Conventional 1H/1C or 2H/2C
  • Front panel HP stage 1 and stage 2 LED's
  • Built-in multi-speed blower control
  • Temperature sensing blower control

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HL101 Heat Pump Control

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