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WarmFlo Analyzer photoThe WarmFlo Analyzer is a must have tool for all WarmFlo professionals. This diagnostic tool gives you complete control. Whether it's reprogramming chips, troubleshooting, overall system knowledge, or customizing to meet the customer's specific needs, you'll have the answer in the palm of your hand.

The Analzyer has saved many contractors from multiple trips to the job site by allowing the service technician/installer the ability to reconfigure any WarmFlo system.

WF-ANZ7 Features

  • Rugged, with carrying case
  • No batteries, powered by circuit board connection
  • Low cost
  • Great troubleshooting help


For use with most WarmFlo equipment including:

  • TS Series boilers
  • Older EB-W boilers
  • WarmFlo I, WarmFlo II, and WarmFlo Select plenum heaters
  • EZ-Mate plenum heaters
  • WF-DFHP1 and WF-DFHP2 controllers

Monitor Mode Displays Real Time Data

  • OT outdoor sensor - allows you to view current outdoor sensor readings such as:
    • Correct sensor location can be verified
    • May indicate sensor needs calibration
    • Helpful in calculating outdoor reset
    • A faulty sensor will display "BAD"
  • ST duct sensor - allows you to view current supply/duct sensor readings such as:
    • Correct sensor location can be verified
    • May indicate sensor needs calibration
    • Knowing where plenum temperature is in relation to desired temperature
    • A faulty sensor will display "BAD"
  • Desired temperature - allows you to view the actual or calculated set point the Electro heater is attempting to achieve
    • If outdoor reset applies, a visual representation of what is being calculated as the desired set temperature from the Electro heater will help understand why the Electro heater is or is not modulating
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) ratio - shows you the percentage of stage 1 modulation
    • As the Electro heater approaches its desired temperature, you will be able to visually see the heater modulate itself down from 100%

Setup Mode Allows Operator To Adjust Internal Settings

  • Outdoor and supply temperature offset
    • This allows you to "fool" either the outdoor sensor or indoor sensor
    • This is useful when installing the heater on a warm day (to complete check-out you may need to program cold weather conditions)
    • Calibration of either sensor can be done with this mode
  • Adjust internal functions to desired settings
    • MU and SOT timers - disable to 99 minute timeout
    • SB reset enable/disable
    • Outdoor temperature stage disables (stages 1-4)
    • Outdoor sensor enable/disable
    • ODT switchover function

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