August 2, 2004

WarmFlo Sensor Upgrade
As most of you know the WarmFlo Plenum Heater involves sensors that input duct supply and outdoor temperatures (depending upon configuration). Recently, Electro Industries has been gradually upgrading to the latest temperature sensor technology.

The question is how does this affect you? This change will affect any repairs or change-outs of existing WarmFlo product sensors currently in the field. In order to appropriately provide replacement parts the following information should be retrieved when servicing the WarmFlo:

WarmFlo model number (example: EM-WU20458)
and Electro-Mate serial number - blue ARL sticker

Version and code on WarmFlo chip (example: Version 3.24 HPDH)
If there is a white ring on the WarmFlo Sensors "D" or "E"
Electro has come up with a cross reference document (HD002) to help you overcome this hurdle. And, as always, we are available via 800-922-4138 to help you make that determination.