August 13, 2004
Application Information
Zone Systems

Electro-Boiler/Hydronics - the typical zone controller has three selling features: easy wiring/installation, troubleshooting LED’s, and priority zone arrangement. Electro Industries’ zone controllers also have these features, plus utility load control interface, but the models EB-ZTS-* and EB-ZS-* have a major additional feature. The zone controller board has intelligence which actually communicates to the electric boiler control board and only stages in the necessary elements for the capacity required by specific zones (or combination of zones) which are calling at any instant of time. This means the boiler is sized correctly to meet the capacity of each connected zone. Example, there is no such thing as full 27 kW coming on for perhaps a 5 kW zone requirement.

All Electro-Boiler installations considering zone controller should be matched with Electro Industries’ zone controller.

Also, the EB-ZTS-1 can be installed within the boiler cabinet, mounting space is already provided. The EB-ZS-4 can apply to non-Electro Industries or any Brand X boiler having 3 or 4 sequencers.

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