August 30, 2004

Micro Controller, Software and
Temperature Sensor Version Label

When requesting WarmFlo updates/troubleshooting:

Locate the nameplate on the unit. Once the nameplate has been located, look for a small rectangle label just below the nameplate, EII part number UAI707. See photo below.

Note: Depending upon the age of the product, this label may not be there. Units manufactured after 08-16-04 will have this label.

Next make a note of all of the information on this label. If your unit does not have this label the alternative place to find the chip version is on the chip itself located on the WarmFlo control board.

Example only: Nameplate and exact placement of the chip version label will vary by product.

When installing a WarmFlo update package:

Included in the parts package is a chip and temperature sensor version label. This label must be placed as close as possible to the bottom side of the nameplate. See photo above.

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