September 14, 2004
Application Information
Hot Water Heating/Hydronics, Two Temperature Requirement
Where you have an Electro-Boiler requirement with a high temperature zone combined with low temperature radiant floor, Electro Industries now has a special controller which can be added to the TS Series boilers.
  • Handled as the priority zone on multi-zone (EB-ZTS-1) or two pump (EB-Z2P) controllers
  • Priority switch on, zone 1 active - TS boiler automatically changes to 150° (or selection 176°) supply water setting
  • All other zones are held off
  • With zone 1 satisfied or 60-minute timeout, the boiler automatically returns to the preset temperature and reacts to the other zones

Application Examples:

  Low Temp High Temp  
  Radiant, slab Radiant, staple up  
  Radiant, slab Baseboard  
  Radiant, slab Fan coil  
  Radiant, slab Water heater, side arm  
  Radiant, slab Hanging unit heater (garage, shop, etc.)  

Click here for detailed drawings (BH017).