October 29, 2004
The following displays are available for purchase for lobby displays and to assist in training.

• WarmFlo Display

This plug-in display is designed for use with a lobby display using a WarmFlo plenum heater/heat pump/gas furnace.

Many times it is difficult trying to explain how the WarmFlo control can optimize a complete heating system. Through the use of your existing WarmFlo product, we can help the customer visualize how the WarmFlo control can save them money. Lights showing heat pump, electric strip, and gas furnace operation show how different outdoor temperatures affect the performance and cost of the system’s operation. As shown, we even have a system operation cost light bar that shows how your energy cost is affected by the system performance. This is available at $89 each and applies directly to your WarmFlo display plenum heater.

Electro-Stat Display

Need help convincing customers that a slab thermostat can offer greater comfort? This display offers a visual means to show how temperatures relate (outside, inside, and slab).

  • Hard board, 14” x 20” wall-hung
  • 120-volt plug-in
  • Temperature display and action is fixed at 14° F outdoor and 72° F room
  • All other Electro-Stat programmable and visual functions are active and alive for demonstration
  • Cost - $200 (includes operating Electro-Stat)
  • Optional padded case - $115

Mini-Boiler Display

Experience from current display owners claims the Mini-Boiler display is the easiest method to sell radiant heat. This 120-volt (12-amp) working model demonstrates all aspects of the hydronic radiant system and includes a large programmable electronic display. Cost - $1000

  • Boiler
  • Tubing install
  • Manifold
  • Plumbing kit
  • Pump
  • Slab stat
  • Aluminum cabinet
  • Casters

Typical Tubing Installation Display

This large display shows the most common radiant tubing installations. It helps visualize and direct both installer and homeowner on proper installation methods.

  • Typical Tubing Install, see BC010
  • Sub-Floor Install, see BC014
  • ETS Storage Install, 8 to 14 hours, see BC011
  • Floating Slab Install, see BC013
  • Full color, 30" x 36"
  • Cost - $150 each or $200 for all four on one
Please contact us with questions or to place your order for these valuable sales and training tools!