April 15, 2005

Checkout and troubleshooting of WarmFlo® in warm weather:

When the outdoor sensor is used in a WarmFlo installation, first stage heat is enabled below 55°. Above 55° both elements and gas furnace are held off. Use your WF-ANZ to simulate a lower outdoor temperature for proper checkout of all WarmFlo functions.

Cooling season A/C control:

For correct air conditioner function, the normal/standby switch on the Electro-Mate DFC and WarmFlo Interface must be in the NORMAL position. Standby disables the DFC Y1-Y2 contact closure and interrupts Y on heat pump or cooling applications on WF-LGR3, WF-EZ3, WF-EM3, and WF-HP2.

Electro Plenum Heaters:

Fuel prices continue to rise and there seems to be no relief in sight. Spring A/C check-ups are a good opportunity to talk to customers about the cost savings of adding electric plenum heat to their existing fossil fuel heating system. Electro plenum heaters are available in various sizes and control options to fit most any application. Fuel cost comparison sheets are available upon request.

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