June 7, 2005

EMB-9 vs. EMB-W-9

EB-S-** vs. EB-W*-**

What's the difference?

As we have continued to respond to the diversity of hydronic heating applications and requirements, we realize it can be a challenge to know which Electro-Boiler to use in each application. In hopes of helping you make your decisions, we have designed a comparison sheet that can assist you in making the right choice when it comes to choosing the Electro-Boiler model needed for your application. The comparison sheet takes our three physical size vessels and seven basic model series and gives you a comparison of both boiler specifications and common applications to help you choose the correct boiler for your specific application.

This new comparison sheet, BL005, can be found on our Radiant Electric Boilers page - just click on Model Comparisons on the left link menu.

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