August 11, 2009

WarmFlo Select Conversion Kits

There has been some confusion relating to the purpose of the WarmFlo Select conversion kits we offer. The purpose of these kits is for situations in which a WarmFlo Select plenum heater has been installed in the wrong application, or if in the future the heat pump or air conditioning system is changed out with a new one causing compatibility issues with the plenum heater.

Example: A contractor installs an EM-WU204S8-SL1 with a two-stage heat pump. Upon wiring the system, the contractor realizes the EM-WU204S8-SL1 can be used only for single stage heat pumps (the contractor should have ordered an EM-WU204D8-SL2 instead, which is specifically designed for two-stage heat pumps).

Because the plenum heater in this example was already installed, the contractor has the option of purchasing a conversion kit which will convert the plenum heater for use with a two-stage heat pump.

To be clear, this is not a warranty issue and Electro Industries will not be held responsible for these situations and will not cover the costs associated in converting the plenum heater. It is the responsibility of the contractor/distributor to cover the cost of materials and labor.

Under no circumstances can these conversion kits be used to convert an older plenum heater into a WarmFlo Select. If you are in need of converting an older plenum heater into a WarmFlo style plenum heater, use part number WF-DHEMK.

There are three WarmFlo Select conversion kits available:

Model Number



Converts a WarmFlo Select SL2 or SLC into a SL1


Converts a WarmFlo Select SL1 or SLC into a SL2


Converts a WarmFlo Select SL1 or SL2 into a SLC

Model and serial numbers from the plenum heater being converted are required at the time the order is placed for any WarmFlo Select conversion kit.

~ Electro Industries Sales Team ~

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