Why Electric?

Electric heating is a clean, safe and reliable choice for homeowners that can improve quality of life for generations to come by reducing our carbon footprint. Today’s focus on sustainability and the drive to reduce carbon emissions are great reasons why electric heating is the best choice for residential and commercial buildings. In fact, electric heating continues to become more economical each and every day. Electricity is the only source of energy that will operate with renewables such as solar and wind power that gas heating systems will never re-create.

Electric heating is at a minimum 100% efficient. What this means to you is that all the energy that you pay for goes directly into heating your home. In fact, the technological improvements with geothermal and air source heat pump technology drive the efficiency bar upwards of 250% to 400%.

Venting is not required, so no worries with electric heating as well. Gas heating systems require expensive venting to remove dangerous gas fumes and these systems become less efficient as they get older. Have we mentioned service and tune-ups to maintain long operation life? Gas systems will always require annual service to make sure they are operating at peak efficiency to avoid combustion safety hazards. Electricity requires far less maintenance, as there are no annual tune-ups required. In addition, electric heating systems have the flexibility to be installed anywhere in a home or building.

Electric heating systems are also proven to be a lower front end cost investment compared to expensive gas systems. They also have a longer system life and far outweigh other heating systems in their ease of installation, which lowers labor costs from installation contractors.

Depending on the electric rates in your area, electric heating can be comparable to heating with propane. The operating cost of heating with air source or geothermal heat pumps can be very similar to heating with natural gas. Regardless of any pricing disadvantage with electric heating, the advantages outlined above will give you peace of mind that you are heating with a clean, reliable, and safe energy source.

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