Air Source Heat Pump Boiler – How It Works

Air source heat pumps have the ability to take advantage of free outside energy in the air, and bring it inside to heat and cool your home.  Using the refrigerant vapor cycle, the NorAire system transfers the outside energy to water, which is efficiently distributed throughout your radiant floor heating systems.

The NorAire utilizes the “split refrigerant” process. The free energy from the outside air is transferred into refrigerant at the outdoor condenser. Using the refrigerant vapor cycle, the refrigerant becomes a high pressure gas which is easily moved to the inside of your home. A coaxial heat exchanger within the boiler cabinet continues the process by receiving the high pressure gas and exchanging its energy with the water circulating throughout your hydronic system.

With very little energy “wasted” in the process of capturing and transferring the energy to your floors, the NorAire system will yield an average annual operating efficiency of over 200%. This is over twice the efficiency of any fossil fuel boiler system. This level of efficiency, combined with a competitive electric rate, gives you a clean, safe, and economical choice for your home’s heating system.