Make-Up Air

Today’s new and remodeled homes are designed for peak efficiency and minimal heat loss. Adding large exhaust fans and other types of ventilation equipment create the need for make-up air. If the exhaust exceeds 400 CFM, automatic- powered make-up air is required by code in most states. Depending on your climate, the make-up air will also need to be heated. We offer a complete line of powered make-up air units as well as make-up air heaters to heat the air for all types of fresh air inlet systems.

Packaged Make-Up Air unit

Packaged Make-Up Air

Electro’s Packaged Make-Up Air system is the complete and safe solution to your home’s . . .

Make-Up Air Heat Only unit

Make-Up Air Heat Only

Ideal for applications where cold outside air is brought directly into a home or building space . . .

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