Make-Up Air Heat Only

Ideal for applications where cold outside air is brought directly into a home or building space, which creates comfort issues for the homeowner or occupants. This typically occurs in applications with heat recovery ventilators (HRV’s), inline make-up air fans, and most fresh air inlet systems.

These units are also the perfect solution when added to existing ducted furnace systems, for a room at the end of a long duct run, or an office space that needs some extra heat throughout the year. The Electro boost heaters are equipped with 100% efficient electric heating elements, coupled with our patented WarmFlo® temperature control. Easy to use, simply set your desire  temperature to meet your comfort needs and your Electro boost heater will take your room from cold to comfortable.


  • WarmFlo set point temperature control
  • Digital temperature sensor
  • Simple installation
  • Quiet DC power relays
  • Precise element modulation
  • Round duct or duct insert


  • HRV/ERV boost heat
  • Tempered make-up air
  • Supplemental heat
  • Cold room or office
  • Point of use heat such as cigar rooms, break rooms, and bathrooms