WarmFlo Select plenum heaters are designed to keep your home warm and comfortable while maintaining efficient operation. Our WarmFlo technology monitors both duct and outside air temperatures, based on the user’s desired efficiency settings, to deliver the ideal air temperature. By monitoring outdoor air temperatures, the system can predict the need for more or less heat, and this method maximizes efficiency and comfort in your home.

To take advantage of even more energy savings, consider coupling a 250% energy efficient air source heat pump with our WarmFlo Select plenum heater. The WarmFlo Select plenum heater will deliver energy savings by operating the heat pump at lower outdoor temperatures and energizing the 100% efficient elements only as needed. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the comfort and energy savings and let our innovative WarmFlo control technology do the rest!


  • Duct and outdoor temperature sensors
  • Single and two-stage heat pump compatible
  • Requires only a basic heat/cool thermostat
  • Compatible with all major thermostat brands
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi and other smart thermostats
  • Built-in safety disconnect circuit breakers
  • WarmFlo digital temperature control


  • Electric heat conversions
  • Supplemental electric heat
  • Air source heat pump, maximizes operation and seasonal operating efficiency
  • Dual fuel and Off-Peak savings programs
  • Solar panel or solar credit programs
  • Reducing fossil fuel usage and carbon footprint
  • For use in homes, cabins, workshops, businesses
  • Extend the life of existing gas furnaces

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