Industrial Series

Up to 300 kW

Electro Industries’ Industrial Boiler is a very compact and effective solution for applications requiring up to 300 kW or 1 million BTU’s. With a 30” wide and 56” high profile, our Industrial Boiler will fit through most service doors and requires less floor space, making it perfect for small mechanical rooms and limited access locations. Need more BTU’s?  With built-in lead-lag control, you can connect two of our Industrial Boilers together to operate as one. Digital temperature control provides automatic turn down as loads decrease, and provides the exact water temperature required for your application. Backed by an industry leading warranty, the Electro Industrial Boiler the clear choice for commercial applications.


  • Digital display for setup and monitoring
  • Lead-lag control for multi-boiler applications
  • Low water cutoff
  • 240, 208, 480, 600-volt 3-phase
  • Remote shutdown and utility control options
  • Conforms to CSD
  • Water temperature set point control
  • Outdoor reset
  • Manual hi-limit control
  • 120V operating control circuit
  • ASME stamped vessel (built in accordance to ASME Section IV)
  • 1-year element warranty
  • 5-year vessel warranty


  • Bender ground fault monitor
  • 125 psi vessel
  • BACnet or LonWorks interface


  • Commercial/Industrial 3-phase hot water
  • Radiant floor heat
  • Radiators
  • Snowmelt
  • Commercial process heating
  • Fan coil units
  • Indirect potable hot water
  • Critical heat backup

Available Literature/ Specification Sheets