Forced Air

Plenum Heaters & Duct Heaters

With over 40 years of experience in the residential and light commercial HVAC market, Electro Industries has engineered electric heating systems designed to provide comfort and efficiency for your home or business. Our WarmFlo® Select plenum heaters will heat your entire home, and they can be used in conjunction with a heat pump system to assure just the right balance between comfort and efficiency. Our duct heaters also use our WarmFlo technology, and can help boost temperatures in an existing forced air heating system that may be struggling to maintain balanced heat throughout the home. If you have added solar panels or desire an electric back-up for your heating system, Electro has heaters that will easily adapt to most existing systems.

WarmFlo® Select unit

WarmFlo® Select

WarmFlo® Select plenum heaters are designed to keep your home warm and comfortable . . .

HeatChoice® unit


The HeatChoice plenum heater is a great option for adding electric heat to . . .

Duct Heater

Duct Heater

Electro’s Duct Heaters are engineered to provide added comfort of electric heat by gently boosting . . .