Artwork showing a typical NorAire Air to Water Heat Pump boiler installation

NorAire® Heat Pump Boiler

Air to Water Heat Pump Boiler

The NorAire Heat Pump Boiler combines our proven WarmFlo® comfort control with a the latest in air source heat pump technology, giving you a system that can operate with an average efficiency of 200%.

There are a multitude of options when looking for a system to heat your radiant floors. Like many of today’s consumers, you want the right balance of comfort and efficiency along with the assurance you are investing in the latest technology that is also friendly to our environment. NorAire meets these expectations and more. Our proven WarmFlo comfort control, coupled with a highly efficient air source heat pump, will not only keep your home comfortable in any weather, but also keep your heating costs low. And since it is electric there is no worry about burning fossil fuel in your home. It is safe for you and your family, and great for the environment!

NorAire Heat Only Unit

NorAire Heat Only

At 200% efficient, the NorAire air source heat pump boiler . . .

NorAire Heat & Cool Unit

NorAire Heat & Cool

Our NorAire heat and cool models . . .

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