Packaged Make-Up Air

Electro’s Packaged Make-Up Air system is the complete and safe solution to your home’s make-up air equipment needs. This compact unit includes motorized damper, filter, blower, and 100% efficient heating elements operated by our patented WarmFlo® comfort control. The Packaged Make-Up Air units are compact and easy to install.  This saves on valuable installation labor time which saves you money. Our exclusive control system automatically activates when the exhaust fan turns on, bringing in just the right amount of filtered and tempered fresh air. This eliminates complicated wiring and controls, and satisfies the code requirements of ASHRAE 62.2. (Why Your Home Needs Make-Up Air and How It Works)


  • Power open/power close damper
  • Washable aluminum mesh filter
  • High quality spin finned heating elements with 20-year warranty
  • Continuous operation rated fan motor
  • WarmFlo modulating discharge temperature control
  • Current sensor to monitor exhaust fan operation
  • Compatible with multi-speed range hoods
  • Control will accept multiple fan inputs

Applications Requiring Make-Up Air

  • Kitchens where large exhaust fans are used, up to 1200 CFM
  • Homes with multiple bath fans and/or large dryer fans
  • Boiler rooms needing heated combustion air
  • Wherever ASHRAE 62.3 Code Requirements applies
  • Public restrooms
  • Campground shower houses
  • Hair and nail salons

Applications Requiring Fresh Air

  • Wood burning fireplaces
  • Indoor wood burning ovens
  • Indoor pool areas
  • Cigar rooms
  • Greenhouses
  • Home gyms