1 to 18 kW

The Mini-Boiler has set the bar for electric boilers and it continues to be the most popular boiler on the market today. It outperforms the competition by using quality built and reliable components that provide long lasting performance. The compact size provides an ideal fit when space is limited and it weighs less than 54 pounds. ASME certification is a stamp of approval that gives way to an industry best 20-year vessel and element warranty.

M2 Models: 1.1 kW to 18 kW (3,700 – 61,400 Btu/h)
The M2 models operate with patented WarmFlo® technology to deliver accurate output temperatures through full modulating heating elements. This model also has a built-in two zone control for either zone valves or circulating pumps with the ability to set two temperature control setpoints. It also incorporates outdoor reset to save on energy and automatically adjusts the outlet temperature based on the outdoor temperature. Temperature ranges from 90°-180° F, making this boiler an ideal match for radiant floor heating or high temperature baseboard/radiator applications. The M2 series can heat a building up to 2500 sq. ft.

R1 Models: 1.1 kW to 9 kW (3,700 – 30,700 Btu/h)
The R1 models are staging boilers and are ideal for applications such as high mass radiant floor heating applications. The temperature ranges from 90°-160° F. The R1 series can heat a building up to 1500 sq. ft.


  • Quiet DC power relays
  • Supply and outdoor temperature sensors
  • Element staging (EMB-R1 Series only)
  • Element modulation (EMB-M2 Series only)
  • Simple installation
  • Wall-mounted
  • Circuit breaker disconnect (240V models only)
  • Optional stainless steel vessel
  • ASME stamped vessel (built in accordance to ASME Section IV)
  • 20-year element warranty
  • 20-year vessel warranty


  • Radiant floor heat
  • Garage heat
  • Radiant panel
  • Workshops
  • Basements
  • Baseboard
  • Pole buildings
  • Staple-up radiant
  • Radiators
  • Snowmelt