Make-Up Air Accessories

Filter Collars

Electro’s handy, pre-made filter sections include a permanent washable filter. These filter collars are useful for filtering outside air before it enters your WarmFlo® inline duct heater in make-up air applications.

  • WX-F16 – 6″ filter collar
  • WX-F18 – 8″ filter collar
  • WX-F110 – 10″ filter collar

Other Accessories

Current Transformer – monitor current from multiple exhaust fans to activate the Packaged Make-Up Air system. One current transformer per exhaust fan is required.

  • 3629 – current transformer

Current Sensing Switch – activate your small Packaged Make-Up Air or inline WarmFlo duct heater by monitor current from an exhaust fan or vent hood.

  • 8034 – current sensing switch