Photo of an Electro Duct Heater


Electro Duct heaters are engineered to provide added comfort of electric heat by gently boosting the air temperature. Our Duct Heaters are available with our patented WarmFlo® technology to efficiently provide the right amount of heat when needed. Simple installation and wiring make Electro Duct Heaters an economical solution. Designed to fit right into existing duct work, the unit simply boosts the air temperature in underheated duct runs, or provides an ideal solution for reheat for large forced air systems. The Electro Duct Heaters are also perfect for boosting temperatures with make-up air and air exchangers, keeping your home, shop, or office comfortable when it gets cold outside.


  • WarmFlo output temperature control models
  • Simple installation
  • Incoming power fuse protection
  • Staging and modulating models
  • Compatible with most thermostat


  • Primary electric heat for your home, workshop, or business
  • Boost heat for make-up air and air exchanger systems
  • Boost heat for underperforming heating zones
  • Back-up or boost for air source heat pump systems
  • Back-up or seasonal boost for geothermal heat pump systems
  • Boost reheat for large forced air systems
  • Add heat load to your solar net metering installation