Electro’s Complete Electro-Boiler® System

5 to 20 kW

The EZBoiler (also know as our HeatSoEasy™ line) is the complete solution for hydronic heating systems. Designed with the contractor in mind, it is simply the easiest boiler to install! This series is the ideal boiler system for radiant floor heating or hot water baseboard applications. Electro has taken the guesswork and labor out of piping your boiler system by including everything you need in one convenient package. Simply run your supply and return lines from the boiler to your manifolds, it’s that easy! Our EZBoiler is safe to operate, and it will save you time and money and provide years of reliable service.


  • Quiet DC power relays
  • Digital temperature sensor
  • Element modulation
  • Outdoor reset
  • Simple installation
  • Wall-mounted
  • Circuit breaker disconnect
  • ASME stamped vessel (built in accordance to ASME Section IV)
  • 20-year element warranty
  • 20-year vessel warranty

Components Included

  • ASME pressure vessel
  • Incoloy heating elements
  • Pressure/temperature gauge
  • Temperature sensors, supply & outdoor
  • Auto reset hi-limit, 190° F
  • Manual reset hi-limit, 205° F
  • 30 psi relief valve
  • Air eliminator
  • Pre-charged 12 psi expansion tank
  • Circulating pump with isolation flanges
  • Circuit breakers
  • Touch screen control board (EZB-Edge® only)


  • Radiant floor heat
  • Garage heat
  • Slab on grade homes
  • Radiant panel
  • Workshops
  • Basements
  • Upper level
  • Baseboard
  • Pole buildings
  • Staple-up radiant
  • Radiators
  • Snowmelt

Available Literature/ Specification Sheets