The HeatChoice plenum heater is a great option for adding electric heat to your existing or new forced air system. Adding a HeatChoice plenum heater provides a solution to save money on your heating bills with power company or solar net metering programs. The HeatChoice engineered design allows for simple installation above a fossil fuel furnace, with or without an air conditioner coil. The control board simplifies wiring by providing connection points for all low voltage wiring. This system will help smooth out the unpredictable pricing of fossil fuels and give you control to manage your heating costs. Built-in back-up timers allow the HeatChoice to automatically switch between electric and gas if either system is struggling to keep your home comfortable. As your primary or safety back-up heating system, the HeatChoice unit is the smart solution for homeowners and heating professionals.


  • Safety timeout to electric or gas back-up
  • Manually switch between electric and gas
  • Built-in safety disconnect circuit breakers
  • Controls air conditioner for power save programs
  • Operation indicator lights
  • All low voltage wiring at control board
  • Fault indicator lights
  • Compatible with all major thermostat brands


  • Electric heat conversions
  • Supplemental electric heat
  • Dual fuel and Off-Peak savings programs
  • Solar panel or solar credit programs
  • Reducing fossil fuel usage and carbon footprint
  • For use in homes, cabins, workshops, businesses

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